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My name is Patti and I really, really, really dig Jeremy Renner's ass. And dick. I mean, really. I want to be all up on dat junk, yo. Dat boi shoo! You ain't even kno! I'm really good at sucking dick, too, so if you're Renner and you're reading this, HIT ME UP BOO! (by Rachel.)

Hi, I'm Patti. I'm Irish. I like Jeremy Renner's arms and face and everything. My urls are always amazing and I love the Bruins. (by Allie.)

hey i'm patti and my goal in life is to ruin pasha's life by slowly making her care about players on the bruins and telling her all about the cute hockey players that go to my school i'm the best type of person ever xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (by Pasha.)


Your Goodnight Photo tonight is Ed Quinn and Colin Ferguson.

Nathan’s death is literally the only time I have ever stopped watching a show because of a character death. He was such a HBIC.

10:47pm · Sunday, July 10th, 2011 · 9 notes
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    Yep, me too. I stopped last night in the middle of Best in Faux because I was suddenly worried that it would end up in a...
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